Publicity Services

For more than 20 years, Carney & Associates has been providing publicity services for authors, experts, products and services that improve our world.  We specialize in providing earned media coverage for clients whose mission aligns with our values, with an emphasis on science and sustainable living, healthy families, and personal and professional  development.

We share their stories through strategic placements in radio, podcasts, TV, print and digital media. We excel in Radio and Podcast Media Tours, which are among the most cost-effective PR tools for reaching a broad audience.

Our clients use their extraordinary talents, passion, and expertise to provide solutions to the world’s most critical problems—climate change, overpopulation, endangered species and extinction, environmental protection, mental health crises, wellness, social justice and inequality, to name a few. We are proud, and uniquely equipped, to promote work that preserves our planet as much as it serves humanity, creating better lives and communities for generations to come.

As seasoned media professionals, we have built hundreds of long-standing relationships with producers, editors, bloggers and journalists with whom we have daily correspondence. While the quantity and caliber of our contacts is invaluable, it’s our sharp, strategic approach to pitching, as well as our dogged persistence in connecting with ever-changing outlets and journalists, customized for each campaign, that enables us to successfully generate editorial news coverage for our clients and their products.

Based in San Francisco, we offer: Media Relations • Digital Media • Storytelling • Radio Tours • Podcast Tours • Television • Print • Content Creation •  Digital Press Kits