Daily Beast Features Candid Creatures

The Daily Beast featured an entertaining gallery of funny camera trap photos from our client’s blockbuster book Candid Creatures last week:

“Humans aren’t the only narcissistic selfie-loving animals, turns out much of the animal kingdom enjoys a good portrait. Biologist Roland Kays assembled hundreds of candid photographs of animals from across in the globe in the wild from scientists and conservation projects in a new book, Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature. “Kays reveals how scientists have used camera traps to indentify problems, as well as solutions, so that humans and wild animals can coexsist,” the book states. Aside from its conservation usefulness, the photos have undeniable humor and interspecies friendships.”








Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature by Roland Kays is published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

This placement is one of many in our national book publicity campaign for this title. To find out how our publicity services can help spread the word of your book, product or organization, please contact Kathlene Carney at Carney & Associates.

Extraordinary wildlife photos from camera traps

I just received the blads* for an extraordinary upcoming book, Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature, by biologist Roland Kays (May 2016, Johns Hopkins University Press).

Before this publicity campaign, I’d never heard of camera traps. I’ve since learned that many of the most fascinating and significant wildlife discoveries in recent years have been made thanks to the explosion of these non-invasive, motion-sensitive cameras, placed out in nature.

With wildlife in crisis around the world we need to know the status of animal populations now more than ever. To meet this challenge, scientists trek to the most remote corners of the planet to set camera traps. They hope this technology will allow them to catch glimpses of animals they could never see with their own eyes.

Not only do camera traps provide stunning images of endangered species, they’ve revolutionized the field of wildlife science, and elevated our understanding of the animals in our own backyards.

We’re thrilled to be conducting a nation book publicity campaign for this title, it’s a publicist’s dream. Candid Creatures is the first major book to reveal the secret lives of animals through this new technology, and we have more than 600 remarkable photographs to share from researchers all over the globe.

The author Roland Kays is a dynamo. He’s the director of the Biodiversity Laboratory at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and a research associate professor at North Carolina State University. Roland is energetic, articulate, and super-enthusiastic about his work. Here’s one of his excellent camera trap videos that we’re using for his media relations campaign.

* Blads are pre-publication brochures for upcoming books, used by publicists and sales teams. Blad stands for book (or, basic) layout and design.

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